CSE-Engineering Center of Safety Excellence GmbH

t was an impressive spectacle: Just in time for the 3rd Joint DIERS Meeting at the end of May in Karlsruhe, the 730 bar high-pressure vessels were installed at the CSE test facility on the premises of Fraunhofer ICT in Pfinztal. Two heavy-duty cranes were used to lower twice a weight of 20 tons standing upright into the 17-metre-high steel structure – precision work lasting around 13 hours that demanded everything from the fitters. The work was not completed until around midnight.

Valves and piping installations are tested and measuring instruments calibrated at the High Pressure Loop. Over 100 guests from the Joint DIERS Meeting and the press attended the official inauguration. In addition to a tour of the test facility, the guests were able to experience two live tests on bursting discs and safety valves. The event was a complete success. The demand for type tests and performance measurements in the two available pressure stages up to 150 and 730 bar is already considerable.

Further information on the CSE High Pressure Loop can be found here.