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The future of HAZOP analysis

EuGAH is an industrial working group that investigates approaches to improve and automate HAZOP analyses in application for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries and discusses their applicability in industrial practice.

Welcome to the EUGAH Group.


HAZOP studies are often carried out as part of risk analyses to identify hazards. In industry, software-supported documentation aids are usually used for this purpose. Since the 1990s, efforts have been made to automate HAZOPs using software in order to reduce the effort required for HAZOP studies. Previous research approaches have often failed because the needs of industry have not been taken into account. Close cooperation between industry and research should enable the implementation of new technologies in industrial practice.

Exemplary HAZOP software.

Objectives of the EUGAH Group

  • Analysis of the approach of HAZOP teams to identify potential for improvement
  • Review of available systems for automation as well as potential analysis for the use of artificial intelligence methods
  • Investigation of socio-technical aspects of HAZOPs
  • Investigation of socio-technical aspects of HAZOPs strength/weakness analyses based on industrial case studies
  • Discussion of expert systems / knowledge databases
  • Development of recommendations (RAGAGEPs)

„Opportunities, limits and prioritisation for research from an industrial perspective, application of research results in industrial practice.“

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Johannes Single, M.Sc.
Process Safety Engineer

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If you are interested in participating in EUGAH, please contact:

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