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Safe programming of process control systems

Digital technology provides valuable services when it comes to protecting industrial plants against risks to people and the environment. In most industrial applications, safety-related control systems such as Siemens PCS7, HIMA SILworX and others are used for the automated monitoring of sensors and actuators and ensure functional safety. The programming of the process control system is one of the core tasks.

CSE-Engineering provides proven know-how based on a large number of projects in this area. Our team develops the appropriate program structure for you based on your objectives, in accordance with DIN EN 61511/08. This includes verifications, validations and system tests (FAT, SAT, etc.). Talk to us.

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Carsten Schmidt, M.Sc.
Process Safety Engineer

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CSE Managing Director Prof. Jürgen Schmidt is Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DECHEMA Technical Association for Plant and Process Safety. The updates of the VDI/VDE Guideline 2180, which are fundamental for the design of process control technology and functional safety, are being worked on within this professional association.

CSE-Engineering is well connected to the manufacturers of automation controls (Siemens, HIMA, etc.), who are also members of the CSE-Society. Direct contacts enable a simple and fast process of verification and validation of the programming and thus the acceptance from public authorities (e.g. TÜV).

Required documents:

The following information and documents are required for programming and configuration and system tests (FAT, SAT, etc.) later on:

  • Description of the process
  • Operating conditions | states
  • P&ID flow diagrams
  • PCE component list
  • Requirements for the safe condition of your system


  • Hazard and risk assessment (e.g. HAZOP)
  • Determination of the SIL verification (SIL calculation)

We develop on all common systems!

Your team of CSE-Engineering develops Safety instrument system safety devices on common systems such as Siemens PCS7, HIMA SILworX, ABB Ability System, Honeywell Experion PKS, Pilz PSS 4000 or Rockwell Automation PlantPAx. If required, we will be happy to support you in the selection of your system.


The first step is to define the program specifications for your Safety instrument systems. These may include emergency shutdowns (ESD), program response times or redundancies (MooN). We consider an already established control system, and existing or in-house modules as well. This way we ensure efficiency and facilitate subsequent implementation. The training of your employees in the new programs should be just as smooth. Therefore, during development we make sure that the newly created programs and visualization interfaces are seamlessly embedded in your workflow.

We then start programming based on the specifications. On the one hand, this involves the application of current standards and regulations (DIN EN 61511/08). On the other hand, compliance with the specifications agreed with you is checked. For this purpose, each program created undergoes a detailed verification and validation process.

A detailed documentation for the entire development is prepared, which contains both the structure of the program and the results of the verification and validation process.

CSE-Engineering - Functional Safety Programming

Functional Safety Programming: Overview of the project flow with the core processes in orange.


You will receive a program for your Safety instrument system that is tailored to your needs and meets both the legal requirements and your specifications. In addition, we provide you with a detailed documentation with the results of verification, validation and system tests, and can also serve as a template for official inspections.

Project duration

The time required depends on the scope and complexity of the Safety instrument systems and can only be determined on an individual basis. Therefore, a meeting is held at the beginning of the project to discuss your needs and requirements. Based on this we estimate the time required and provide you with a detailed offer.

Standards, publications, manuals

CSE-Engineering provides Functional Safety according to the state of the art. For this purpose we use national and international regulations, publications and our many years of experience.

  • DIN EN 61511/08
  • VDI 2180
  • DIN EN 50156
  • DIN EN 298
  • DIN EN 54
  • NFPA 85
Publications | Manuals
  • will follow soon

Training & Coaching

With the Applied Safety seminar program of the CSE Academy you can also make your employees fit for functional safety – for example with the seminar PCT safety devices. Also as in-house training.

CSE Acadeny

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