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Safety management for critical infrastructures

The safeguarding of pipelines, distribution lines and house connections for the transport of oil, gas and other hazardous substances is enormously demanding and requires operators to assume a high degree of responsibility. The European Group for Risk Management and Technical Safety for Critical Infrastructures (EURIM) takes up this challenge through active risk management and bundled measures for technical safety.

Welcome to the EURIM Group.


This is EURIM

In the EURIM group, under the leadership of CSE-Engineering, sustainable concepts and measures for the protection of transmission lines, distribution lines and house connections for the transport of oil and gas or hazardous substances are evaluated, compared and validated. This includes plants and plant components such as compressor stations for operating these pipelines. One example is the safety-related handling of hydrogen admixtures in gas transport pipelines, which concerns many operators.

As a result, the quality of safety-related measures for existing and new pipelines is sustainably increased, new talent is promoted and an exchange within the Group is made possible. This benefits all participants.



  • Comparison of national and international regulations
  • Assessment of safety concepts for critical infrastructure
  • Comparison of approaches to the calculation of case studies


  • Ageing of existing pipelines
  • Pipeline Security to protect against third party interference
  • Safety-related assessment of routes for new construction projects
  • Risk-based assessment of security measures in densely populated areas with critical infrastructure
  • Risk analysis of oil and gas infrastructure facilities
  • Dealing with the admixture of hydrogen to natural gas in gas transport networks

Fluids & Properties:

  • Oil
  • Natural gas
  • Biogas
  • Nitrogen
  • Material properties of plant components

How EURIM works

In the regular meetings of the EURIM group, safety-relevant case studies are defined. CSE-Engineering coordinates the dates, organises the meetings and produces sample solutions for the case studies. The case studies and their solutions in industrial practice are discussed in an exchange of experience.

CSE-Engineering compares procedures and the accuracies and application limits of methods and models with statistical and experimental data from the literature. The results are published in EURIM Model Validation Reports and, if necessary, discussed in the EURIM meetings.

Furthermore, the case studies are recorded in EURIM Sizing Case Reports and recommendations for the approaches are recorded as EURIM Sizing Recommendations.

Revision status of EURIM documents

The documents produced within the EURIM Group are constantly updated. An overview of the revisions is available under the following link:

open_in_new EURIM Revision Status

Opportunities to participate in EURIM:

If you are interested in taking part in EURIM please contact us:

email eurim@cse-engineering.de

Antitrust Statement

The European Group for Risk Management and Technical Safety for Critical Infrastructures intents to elaborate a high qualtiy experience exchange to further increase the safety of technical plants comprehensibly. The exchange of experience within the group concerns published and therefore publicly available methods and models whose practical application usually is only possible with a multitude of assumptions.

The participants of the EURISG Group comply with the antitrust law. In particular, no anti-competitive agreements are being made concerning the following topics:

  • prices, division of territory or the like between competing companies
  • information about prices, sales, business transactions etc.

Anopen_in_new Antitrust Guideline was made available to all participants.