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Risk Management

Identifying risks | evaluating consequences | minimizing risks

Experience makes the difference.

HAZOP, QRA, risk matrices and additional methods are the current state of risk analysis. At first all risks have to be identified systematically. Potential consequences have to be evaluated. There are various established procedures and approaches – experience is essential here. After risks are identified, safety measures have to be determined. Safety management systems guarantee a high safety standard on a long-term basis.

This is modern risk management! And that’s what CSE-Engineering is offering.


Dr.-Ing. Natalie Schmidt
Process Safety Engineer

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Service range

  • Safety analysis | HAZOP
  • Hazard analysis | Risk analysis | QRA
  • Impact analysis | consequence analysis
  • Safety reports
  • Exceptional incidents
  • Dispersion calculation
  • Safety management systems
  • Worst case scenarios

Advice from A – Z

Nowadays, a safety analysis has to be performed systematically. Even in companies where a major incident has not yet occured, this evaluation has to be conducted. Every possible deviation from normal operation which poses the risk of an incident has to be discussed.

CSE-Engineering moderates hazard and operability studies: together with the plant operator all risks are considered and assessed systematically. To conclude, CSE-Engineering estimates possible effects and recommends appropriate safety measures. All results are documented sufficently at the end.

State of technology – Standards:

In the field of Risk Management, the following standards have to be considered unless more detailed methods for specific process plants apply and therefore define the state of technology. In every single case the application limits of the standards and the assumptions behind the methods have to be examined:

  • European Directive 2012/18/EU
  • Seveso III Directive – 12. BImSchV
  • ISO 31000 – Risk management
  • IEC 31010 – Risk management – Risk assessment techniques
Publications | Manuals
  • Risk Analysis and Control for Industrial Processes – Gas, Oil and Chemicals, H. Pasman

Training & Coaching

With the Applied Safety Premium Seminar “plant safety concepts and safety management” of the CSE Academy, you will also provide your employees with an in-depth understanding of the methodology and its practical implementation. Also as in-house training.

CSE Acadeny

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