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The 16 brain areas of a Professional Safety Engineer …

Modern safety technology is very complex and extremely versatile. It usually takes years to build up the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to make responsible decisions. The CSE Academy was founded by the team of engineers around Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt and Prof. Dr. Jens Denecke to significantly shorten the path to safety engineering.

The aim is not only to transfer comprehensive knowledge with the greatest possible proximity to applications, but also to convey the Safety Mindset, the special mentality that characterizes a safety expert.


The unique continuing education program to become a certified safety expert

In order to assume responsibility in process and plant safety, you need sound training and a distinctive safety mindset.In the CSE Academy, we have therefore combined our 16 seminar modules for the most comprehensive and application-oriented training program to become an expert in process and plant safety: CSE Professional Safety Engineer – with the recognized certificate of the CSE Institute.

Practical application instead of listening!
Applied Safety Premium Seminars

Experience process and plant safety in a unique breadth and depth of content. The Applied Safety seminar program of the CSE Academy offers a choice of 16 topic modules, each with three levels of specialization, which comprehensively cover all core areas.

Become an expert in the sizing of rupture disks and safety valves and use the new sizing software CSE PROSaR. Protect reactors, pressure vessels and plants. Design PCT safety devices and bundle your accumulated experience in a well-founded plant safety concept.


Expertise at the cutting edge of research and regulations.


Learn in small groups with workshop character.


High number of exercises and sample calculations on all seminar topics.


Typical industrial applications as training on the job.

Upcoming seminar dates

Plan your Applied Safety Premium seminars for 2024 now.

The next dates are listed here.

By the way, did you know that all Applied Safety Seminars are also offered as in-house trainings? Our trainers will come to you on request. 

18.09. – 19.09.2024

M10: Explosion protection and electrostatics


09.10. – 10.10.2024

M06: Dispersion and safe discharge


13.11. – 14.11.2024

M07: PCT Safety Devices


CSE Academy

Welcome on the Hummelberg

Confucius already knew about 2,500 years ago that “in peace lies strength”. As part of the CSE Center of Safety Excellence, the CSE Academy is located on the Hummelberg in Pfinztal not far from Karlsruhe. With excellent transport connections, the Hummelberg is an ideal place to leave the hectic pace of everyday life behind and work in a concentrated manner. This is exactly what we are looking for.