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Web-based Safety:

Safety via Web-Conference

Reduce the need to travel, increase efficiency: CSE-Engineering is optimally positioned for you to provide a wide range of services also via web conferencing. Whether HAZOP, hazard analysis, explosion protection concept or SIL calculation, wherever the scope of the project allows it, the CSE team is at your side with sophisticated web-based technology and proven project methodology. Take advantage of our experience in web-based safety and secure time and cost advantages in fulfilling your operator obligations.

CSE-Engineering: Webbased Services

Convincing performance also via web conference – that is web-based safety with CSE engineering.


Web HAZOP meeting with CSE Process Safety Engineer Natalie Schmidt.


Although the methodology is the same, a web HAZOP has fundamentally different requirements than an on-site HAZOP. Based on our project experience we have developed an adapted procedure that ensures maximum flexibility during implementation. CSE-Engineering supports your team as moderator and guides you through the entire process. If required, experienced CSE safety engineers are available to assist you in identifying hazard scenarios.

In the run-up to the Web HAZOP, a “briefing package” is prepared for the participants. In this package, the boundary conditions of the Web HAZOP, e.g. the schedule or technical equipment for participation in the web meeting, are listed, along with the essential parameters of the HAZOP preparation, such as the matrix for risk assessment or the flow charts.

The hazard scenarios, causes, countermeasures and risks are jointly evaluated in a video conference with all participants.

With the Web HAZOP, meetings and votes can also be scheduled at short notice. The HAZOP can thus be implemented more flexibly and efficiently.

Hazard analysis

Whether you are planning a new plant, changing an existing process or reviewing an ongoing operation, the identification and analysis of as many potential hazards as possible forms the basis for a functioning risk management system. Take advantage of the many years of project experience of the CSE Process Safety Engineers to implement a complete hazard analysis. We support you via video conferencing as moderators, consultants and minute-taker. If required, we are also available to you for all further steps within the scope of risk management. Please contact us.

CSE-Engineering – Hazard analysis

Hazard analysis: An important precondition for the development of scenarios in the context of a HAZOP.

CSE-Engineering – Ex-protection

Explosion protection

Since May 2018, an explosion protection document must not only be presented when commissioning a plant with flammable or explosive substances, it must also be checked regularly. In order to avoid this additional work becoming unnecessarily expensive, editing via videoconference is an ideal solution. Your experts from CSE-Engineering have sufficient project experience to guide you safely through the process even without an on-site consultation – from risk assessment and zoning to the finished explosion protection document. And, of course, we are also available to review existing documents and instruct your employees.

In this way you will reach your goal faster and more economically.

Further information on explosion protection can be found in the CSE Sizing Services.

SIL Calculation

Do you need a SIL classification according to EN 61508 or VDI 2180? Your CSE-Engineering team will do this for you economically and efficiently as a web-based service. Depending on which documents you already have, we will identify all existing risks via Web-HAZOP and create a risk graph, LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) and risk matrix for you if necessary. We discuss the results with you in a video conference.

Based on this we calculate the SIL and recommend suitable measures for risk reduction. Save unnecessary travel and accommodation costs – with web-based safety from CSE-Engineering.

CSE-Engineering: SIL calculation

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