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Unique test options for safety related components:
The CSE High Pressure Loop

The High Pressure Loop is a test facility that is unique in its kind in Europe. Test safety valves in different pressure stages with up to 3400 bar and with diameters up to DN 1400 according to DIN ISO 4126 or ASME PTC 25.

Measure the flow and resistance coefficients for your valves with high-precision Coriolis mass flow meters (CMD) or have your measurement technology calibrated by the experts of CSE Engineering.

Due to the high demand, please contact us early to avoid waiting times.


Safety valves

Rupture Disks

Control valves




Custom constructions

Type testing

Functional test

Flow rate test

Burst test

Discharge coefficients

Flow resistance coefficients

Single/multiphase flow



Pressure drop measurement

Leak test

Force Measurement

Pressure test

Noise measurement

Custom Measurements

High-speed filming

Pressure stages

  • 150 bar | 62.000 Liters
  • 350 bar | 6.000 Liters
  • 700 bar | 6.000 Liters
  • 3400 bar | 600 Liters

Test media

  • Air
  • Water
  • Air/Water (2-phase)
  • Nitrogen (on request)

The essentials in 90 seconds:

Your partner for testing, optimization and certification.

Since the opening of the HIGH PRESSURE LOOP, type tests have been continuously carried out for renowned manufacturers of safety-related valves. The experts on site have gained a lot of experience and will be pleased to advise you on the optimum test setup and procedure. If required, individual set-ups can also be manufactured to meet your requirements in the best possible way.

Opposite you will find examples of type testing at the HIGH PRESSURE LOOP.

ASME PTC 25-2018

Optimization of components before certification.

Determination of Kr values for rupture disks.

Type testing for safety valves and rupture disks (applied for).

Type testing for safety valves and rupture disks.

ISO 4126-1:2019

Type testing for safety valves and rupture disks.

VdTÜV 100

Type testing for safety valves.

Flow measurements with highest precision.

In addition to type testing in accordance with regulations, flow measurements are also carried out in the HIGH PRESSURE LOOP. High-precision Coriolis mass flow meters (CMD) are available for this purpose. Examples of our measurement series are capacity measurements with air and water as well as the determination of pressure drop coefficients (zeta values) for different components.

If you have any questions about the flow measurements or specific requirements, please contact one of our contacts below. The experts of CSE-Engineering will be happy to advise you.

Capacity measurement with Air and Water

Determination of pressure drop coefficients (Zeta values)


Control valves



Pipe elements

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Process Safety Engineer

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