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Dimensioning process control technology accurately

Protect a plant without mechanical safety devices? For a long time that was impossible. In the meantime, more and more companies are protecting their plants with process control safety devices. This not only reduces and in the best case even completely prevents the discharge of hazardous substances, but in many cases also increases the productivity of the plant.

For your plant, CSE-Engineering is the partner to help you secure your plant and get the last percentage of sales out of the process. Be it in the dimensioning of PCT safety devices or in the implementation of the entire safety lifecycle.

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Carsten Schmidt, M.Sc.
Process Safety Engineer

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Service range

  • Safety lifecycle
  • PCT safety devices
  • Replacement of mechanical safety devices
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Logic | Controls
  • Safety Integrity Levels (SIL)
  • SIL allocation

This service can also be provided via web conference.

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We lead you through the process

Functional safety projects always start with an assessment of the current situation. Based on this analysis, a concept is created with which the actual situation can be transferred to the target situation. Subsequently, the PCT safety devices are dimensioned, any mechanical safety devices that can be dispensed with are identified and the entire plant safety concept is adapted to the new safety concepts.

The safety life cycle is performed for each PCT safety device. In addition to the selection/checking of suitable sensors and actuators, the logic (controller) itself is also created, programmed and checked.

State of technology – Standards

In the field of functional safety, the following standards have to be considered unless more detailed methods for specific process plants apply and therefore define the state of technology. In every single case the application limits of the standards and the assumptions behind the methods have to be examined:

  • VDI 2180
  • DIN EN IEC 61508
  • DIN EN IEC 61511
Publications | Manuals
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Training & Coaching

With the Applied Safety Premium Seminar “PCT safety devices” of the CSE Academy, you will also provide your employees with an in-depth understanding of the methodology and its practical implementation. Also as in-house training.

CSE Acadeny

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