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Safety “approved by CSE”

The CSE Center of Safety Excellence stands for the safety of processes and plants. For our customers in industries such as the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil, gas and food industries, CSE Engineering’s services mean certified state-of-the-art safety.


Full service for your processes and plants.

Our Engineers are specialised to effectively provide safety concepts and to size safety devices including inlet and outlet lines as well as retention systems. They assess the discharge of hazardous substances and recommend secondary safety measures. Our services are customized. Safety reports and expert surveys are our results.

You need a safety concept? Trust the many years of experience in the team of the CSE-Engineering Center of Safety Excellence. We accompany you through the entire process and bring you safely to your goal.
  • Hazard assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Substance determination
  • Dispersion calculation
  • Protection / Emergency relief
  • Supervision / Maintenance
  • Expert assessment

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Rupture discs, safety valves or PLC safety devices? Every safety device has its individual advantage. Sizing can be very complex. The numerous standards and publications are no less challenging. CSE-Engineering is specialised in the sizing of emergency relief devices. Talk to us.
  • Consulting on emergency relief
  • Conception
  • Sizing and dimensioning
  • Evaluation of existing systems
  • Expert assessment

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The evaluation of exothermic heat release from runaway reactions has the highest priority for the safety and reliability of chemical reactions. At the same time, it provides the data basis for the sizing of safety devices. The CSE-Engineering team accompanies you through the entire process.

  • Advice on methodology and procedures
  • Planning and execution of experiments (ARC, DSC, DTA, TAM)
  • Safety assessment
  • Complete service up to sizing

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HAZOP, QRA, risk matrices and additional methods are the current state of risk analysis. At first all risks have to be identified systematically. Potential consequences have to be evaluated. This is modern risk management! And that’s what CSE-Engineering is offering.

  • Safety analysis | HAZOP
  • Hazard analysis | Risk analysis | QRA
  • Impact analysis | consequence analysis
  • Safety reports
  • Exceptional incidents

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Flammable substances and dusts have a high hazard potential due to their ability to explode. The safety requirements for systems in potentially explosive atmospheres are correspondingly high. CSE-Engineering is your experienced consultant for all aspects of explosion protection.

  • Advice on the application of explosion protection regulations
  • Development of explosion protection documents
  • Assessment of potentially explosive substances and plant components
  • Advice on explosion protection measures
  • Explosion protection seminars

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Potential consequences of incidents have to be assessed and documented by the plant operator. These incidents include explosions (pressure waves, thermal radiation), fire, toxicological impacts and domino effects. CSE-Engineering develops such environmental analysis.
  • Dispersion calculation
  • Explosion protection
  • Noise emission surveys
  • Impact analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Ecological efficiency analyses of plants
  • Environmental assessments

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„CSE-Engineering has been a valuable partner for us for years – especially when it comes to really complex sizing cases. The team’s sizing know-how is simply unbeatable!“

Dr. Stefan Rüsenberg – REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control

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