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Is my hazard and risk assessment complete? Ask the experts!

When handling hazardous substances, where they have hazardous physicochemical, toxicological or ecotoxicological properties, a hazard and risk assessment in accordance with the EG Occupational Health and Safety Directive 98/24/EG is required. The risk assessment also forms the basis for your explosion protection concept in your documentation in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV).

Based on years of experience in the field of hazard analysis, CSE-Engineering is able to quickly and competently develop a risk assessment for your plant and evaluate existing concepts.


Dr.-Ing. Natalie Schmidt
Process Safety Engineer

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Service range

  • Preparation of risk assessments
  • Review of already existing documentations
  • Expert opinions on hazard scenarios
  • Preparation of explosion protection documents
  • Organization and moderation of HAZOPs
  • Performing risk analyses for hazard scenarios

This service can also be provided via web conference.

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Safe and efficient to the goal

A risk assessment can be generated with many different methods. In order to protect employees, the environment and the plant, it is particularly important to identify those hazards that cannot be reasonably excluded. A non-professional often does not cover all of these potential scenarios. Some situations can only be reliably identified and countermeasures can only be taken on the basis of a great amount of experience and knowledge of different types of plants. But which method is actually suitable for preparing the risk assessment? To what level of detail should the hazards be documented? Which countermeasures are safety-related and economically reasonable? The experts of CSE-Engineering will be happy to answer these questions.

State of technology – Standards

In the field of hazard assessment, the following standards have to be considered unless more detailed methods for specific process plants apply and therefore define the state of technology. In every single case the application limits of the standards and the assumptions behind the methods have to be examined:

  • EG Occupational Health and Safety Directive 98/24/EG
  • Hazardous Substances Ordinance – GefStoffV
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Training & Coaching

With the Applied Safety Premium Seminars of the CSE Academy, you will also provide your employees with an in-depth understanding of the methodology and its practical implementation. Also as in-house training.

CSE Acadeny

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