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We make your facilities safe

CSE-Engineering is your highly specialized consultant and service provider for all questions of process and plant safety. We support you in implementing your legal obligations as a manufacturer or operator of devices and plants.

We assess risks, hazards and effects. We analyze substances and reactions in the laboratory and thus define the plant safety concept. This includes the necessary organizational and technical safety measures. Even in the event of an incident, we are at your side with damage analyses and expert reports. That is sizing & consulting with CSE-Engineering.

In the field of type testing we carry out component tests and measurements on safety valves. And with Digital Services, we supplement our range of services with digital tools and services for design through to IT/OT security.

Safety training and continuing education complete our services.

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CSE-Engineering – Services


Our services – fast, safe and up-to-date

The safety of industrial plants is subject to many standards and regulations. However, the know-how in our team extends far beyond the standards.

We prepare safety concepts and the legally required documents for plants under pressure, retention of substances, emissions and in the area of explosion protection.

We provide advice on cyber security and prepare threat and IT risk analyses.

We evaluate the dangers of substances, chemical reactions and process engineering plants and carry out risk analyses.

We determine the permissible emission limits when substances are discharged into the open air.

We check security and integrity management systems.

We prepare expert reports and accident analyses.

On request, this can be done very quickly, as we also offer most services via video conference. We are there for you.

Safety Concepts

Hazard assessments (occupational safety)

Risk | Safety | Integrity Management Systems

Functional Safety (PCT technology | SIL)

Emission reduction

Explosion Protection

Eco-efficiency analysis

CSE-Engineering – Webbased services
Destroyed large flange nut


Our calculations – precise, efficient and up-to-date

With our experience, we size safety related components efficiently and with the required accuracy. We have developed the necessary tools for this ourselves.

For us, sizing means the perfect solution for our customers. This includes, for example, safety valves, rupture disks and ventilation valves for tanks. Flows of gases, vapours, liquids and also mixtures (multiphase flows) are our speciality.

CSE sizing services include the retention of liquids by separators. And for gases, we size quenchers, dips, flares, or scrubbers and check compliance with emission limits.

Sizing are also our laboratory measurements. They are the basis for a good sizing, for example reaction heat, material values, characteristic data.

Sizing of safety related components (safety valves | rupture disks | ventilation fittings)

Sizing of retention systems (Separators | Quenchers | Dippers | Flares)

Dispersion calculation VDI 3783

Safety characteristics (laboratory measurements)

Assessment of impacts | nevertheless incidents

Pressure surge calculation


Making safety technology more intelligent

Computer-aided technology can make security technology faster, more economical and more intelligent. This is what we are working on in our Digital Engineering division.

With the web-based software CSE ProSaR we are creating a new standard in the sizing and testing of safety technology even under the most complex conditions.

Together with the CSE-Institute we develop innovative PCT safety devices and work with our partners in the Leadership Program CESIS on the central security issues of this time.

Sizing safety devices – fast, simple, online. This is CSE PROSaR, the new sizing software from CSE-Engineering.

CSE-ProSaR | Web-based software for the sizing of valves, rupture disks, ventilation fittings

Webbased Safety | Consultation per video conference

PCT technology | Functional safety in planning, implementation, testing and SIL certification of control systems

CSE3D | Flow simulation with CFD tools

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