CSE-Engineering Center of Safety Excellence GmbH

Plant safety in the digital age

Safety technology is systematically applied today to avoid the dangers to people and the environment that can arise from technical systems. Conversely, however, the systems must also be protected against attacks by unauthorised persons and/or by third parties. Since 2018, the Center for Safety Integrity & Security – a cooperation between CSE-Engineering (Plant Safety) and 8Com (IT-Security) for a growing number of industrial companies – has been dedicated to precisely these requirements.

Welcome to the CESIS Group.

That is what CESIS offers:

CeSIS Plant Security Management Systeme (PSM)
  • Recommendations for the protection of technical systems against cyber attacks
  • Support in the development of plant security guidelines, security objectives, security monitoring
  • Requirements for personnel structures and processes
  • Support in the implementation of guidelines such as NA 163 | KAS-51 | BSI basic protection | ISO/IEC 27000 series | ISO/IEC 62443 series
CeSIS Plant Security Awareness & Culture
  • Transfer of the mission statement from the PSM to the company
  • Development of a strategy for Change Management and Awarness
  • Implementation of awareness and culture training for the employees
CeSIS Plant Security Training

Training in the area of Plant Security Foundation:

The training course serves to acquire basic knowledge of Plant Security according to the latest guidelines NA 163 and KAS 54. Based on an overview of the basic contents and objectives of the standard series (ISO/IEC 27000 and 62443) and the BSI Basic Protection Act, you will be able to protect process control systems in your company in a safety-oriented (Safety) and security-oriented (Security) manner. You will learn about the mutual influences of safety on security and can independently define measures to protect your plant.

Target group:

  • Safety engineers in process control engineering
  • IT/OT Consultants
  • Thematically interested parties


There are no special requirements for this training.

CeSIS Plant Security Consulting
  • Consulting for companies with technical systems
  • Development of security concepts
  • Implementation of vulnerability analyses
  • Support in risk analysis
  • Definition of plant security protection measures
  • Plant Securtiy Asset Management
  • Plant Security Detection & Reaction

Recent projects:



Development of a dynamic cyber security management system for the functional safety of plants in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries.



Development of a safety-oriented technical protection system to defend against third-party impacts on high-pressure gas pipelines.



Avoidance of hazards and domino effects on neighbouring plants during the inspection and maintenance of technical installations through innovative protection concepts.

Plant Security as a new independent layer of protection

To protect systems against attacks by unauthorised persons and/or interference by third parties the CSE Center of Safety Excellence defines an additional layer of protection (LOPA) in the plant security concept: “Plant Security”.

Intelligent protection devices

Innovative solutions for process and plant safety as part of Safety 4.0 are intelligent protective devices. This is accompanied by additional process control equipment for the functional safety of plants.

Intelligent protective devices are developed by the CSE Institute (CSE Center of Safety Excellence GmbH): Smart Overpressure Protection Devices (SmOP) and Smart High Integrity Protection Devices (SmartHIP) or the Excavator Anti-Collision System (THANCS). Here lies the future of safety technology. But only if sufficient protection against cyber attacks is guaranteed.

CeSIS projects significantly increase the security of technical systems.

CESIS redefines the state of safety technology:

Classic – process and plant safety:
Protection of people and the environment from the hazards of technical systemsn

Enhanced – Plant Security:
Protection of plants against the threats of third party interference

With Plant Security, significant improvements in the area of process and plant safety can be achieved.