CSE-Engineering Center of Safety Excellence GmbH


CSE-Engineering works for national and international companies in the field of process and plant safety as a start-up company since 2015.

Our customers include well-known manufacturers of safety technology, plant constructors and industrial companies from sectors such as chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, the food industry as well as operators of power plants, critical infrastructures, offshore plants and others.

The Services of CSE Engineering are broadly diversified. Examples of our work can be found under projects and leadership.

Extract from the customer list:

Leadership Groups

An important service area of CSE-Engineering GmbH is the organization and management of different leadership groups for the exchange of experience between companies with comparable interests with regard to process and plant safety.

The aim of these groups is to make the state of knowledge in process and plant safety more readily available and usable for safety management during operation.

Alliances in Safety

Manufacturers of safety devices offer their customers comprehensive safety through services and products. For this, they use the expertise of the CSE-Engineering. With selected manufacturers of safety products of the highest quality CSE-Engineering enters strategic partnerships.

We maintain such a partnership with the company REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control. Rembe belongs to the leading manufacturers of high-quality rupture discs for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industry. CSE-Engineering is prefered vendor for Rembe customers for the sizing of rupture disc vent line systems.