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Workgroups for process and plant safety

The safeguarding of industrial processes and plants means highly complex challenges and duties for every operator. The results achieved by each individual company can be methodologically, technically and economically relevant for other plant operators. However, this presupposes that an exchange of experience is organised.

This is precisely the task that CSE-Engineering is dedicated to with its leadership programs. Together with a growing number of well-known industrial partners, topics are identified and working groups formed to make the state of knowledge in process and plant safety more readily available.





EURISG Partners

A concept with a role model function

Already in its fourth year, the European Industrial Sizing Group (EURISG) under the direction of CSE Engineering is evaluating typical industrial methods and models for the sizing of safety devices for pressure vessels. The results are documented case studies as EURISG Sizing Case Reports supplemented by comprehensive recommendations on the approach.

The scope and depth of the solutions as well as the presentation of application limits of the models from the literature are unique. Each participant of the EURISG Group achieves a very high level of knowledge and at the same time fulfils his duty of care in the development of solutions for industry.

More safety for oil and gas

The European Group for Risk Management and Technical Safety for Critical Infrastructures (EURIM), led by CSE-Engineering, evaluates, compares and validates sustainable concepts and measures for securing pipelines, distribution lines and house connection lines for the transport of oil and gas or hazardous substances. This includes plants and plant components such as compressor stations for operating these pipelines.

The EURIM Group started work at the beginning of 2019 with initially five companies. First projects have been defined and will be deepened in the course of the year.

Goals of EuGAH: Innovative software concepts
as a contribution to the reduction of time, personnel and cost expenditures in the execution of risk analyses.

The Future of HAZOPS

EuGAH is an industrial working group that investigates, optimizes and tests tools for (partially) automated HAZOP analyses in applications for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries.

Previous software solutions often fail due to the fact that the needs of the industry are not or much too complexly mapped. Only through close cooperation between industry and research can the implementation of new technologies in industrial practice succeed.

The EuGAH Group started its work in mid-2019.

The Innovation Center for Plant Security

CeSIS is an Innovation Center for Plant Security founded in 2018 by a cooperation of the companies CSE-Engineering (Plant Safety) and 8Com (IT-Security).

Cesis offers: