Environmental Protection

Safer processes – cleaner environment – green plants.

Potential consequences of incidents have to be assessed and documented by the plant operator. These incidents include explosions (pressure waves, thermal radiation), fire, toxicological impacts and domino effects. CSE-Engineering develops such environmental analysis. This concerns not only standard chemical plants but also biogas plants.

Energy efficiency and ecological efficiency analysis allow the development of more economic yet environmentally friendly processes. A careful handling with resources is required. CSE-Engineering develops these analyses.

Services in the field of Environmental Protection
  • Dispersion calculation
  • Explosion protection
  • Noise emission surveys
  • Impact analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Ecological efficiency analyses of plants
  • Environmental assessments

Environmental protection should be taken into account already at the construction of a plant. Operators of technical plants authorizes experts more and more frequently for efficiency analysis to evaluate alternative technical solutions. For major projects with a potentially high use of resources like the construction of a transmission gas pipeline, environmental and ecological efficiency analysis are partially mandatory. CSE-Engineering conducts ecological efficiency analyses together with specific renown partners.

Environmental protection shall also concern the disturbance or impairment due to noise. Therefore, noise emission surveys have to be conducted – a task for the CSE-Engineering.

Technical plants that are subject to the Seveso III Directive have to be evaluated in responce of the plant operator regarding the toxicological risks caused by the emission of hazardous substances. In many cases, hazardous substances are still affecting the environment even far away from the incident. ERPG, AEGL and other assessment values shall not be exceeded during the release. This has to be proven in a safety report. CSE-Engineering conducts dispersion calculation and provides the corresponding report.

State of technology – Standards:

In the field of Environmental Protection, the following standards have to be considered unless more detailed methods for specific process plants apply and define the state of technology. In every single case, the application imits of the standards and the assumptions behind the methods have to be examined:

  • VDI 3783 part 1 and 2: Spread of hazardous substances
  • ISO 4126 part 9 and technical instruction on noise: noise emission of safety valves
  • DIN EN ISO 14040: environmental management – ecological assessment – principles and basic conditions
  • DIN EN ISO 14044: environmental management – ecological assessment – requirements and instructions
  • DIN EN ISO 14045: environmental management –ecological efficiency analyses of product systems – principles, requirements and guidelines

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