The Chairman’s Corner

Important changes of current standartization work summarised straight to the point.

The Chairman’s Corner of CSE Center of Safety Excellence intends to inform stakeholders especially from operating and manufacturing companies about latest standartization activities in Process and Plant Safety (ISO TC185) in form of an e-Newsletter.

The Chairman’s Corner e-Newsletter

The e-Newsletter “CSE Chairman´s Corner” will be published in English and is delivered electronically at minimum two times a year and on demand. The PREMIUM e-Newsletter offers an additional free meeting at CSE Center of Safety Excellence in Pfinztal, where all information are presented and discussed. The meeting will be held once a year. Meeting language is German.

The condensed summary of the ongoing work contains special remarks on decisions that may affect current installations or sizing procedures. It is intended to enlarge the number of standards followed.

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The ISO Technical Committee 185 „safety devices for protection against excessive pressure“ covers 10 parts of the standard, which normally are reviewed every 2 years. Each modification of a standard takes normally 2 to 5 meetings. The development of a new standard or major changes of an existing standard will regularly need more time. 9 stages are foreseen from ISO to develop and discuss the current work within the working groups and at final stages with different stakeholders.

Each part of the standard is prepared by a separate working group. Depending on the leading notified body (e.g. in Germany: DIN), the meetings of the working groups are mainly in Europe (e.g. UK, Germany, France) or in the US. Meetings e.g. in Japan or China are only seldom.

The Chairman of the Technical Committee 185 for the next 5 years is Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidt, Director of the CSE Center of Safety Excellence. As Chair he is responsible for the overall management of the committee, including any sub-committees and working groups. He plays a direct role in the committee’s day-to-day work, which will require to lead the committee in reaching consensus, inspire the experts on the committee and foster cooperation with relevant committees and partners.

Many companies are not willing or not able to follow the standardization work in detail. The work is time-consuming and cost-expensive, because of the many meetings and preparatory work each year.

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Members of the CSE Society for the Promotion of Process and Plant Safety will benefit from a discount of 40 %. The yearly donation is valid on 1st of January after receiving the invoice.

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* members of the CSE-Society

All revenues for the e-Newsletter excluding tax and publishing costs (if any) will be spend directly to the non-profit CSE Society for the Promotion of Process and Plant Safety e.V. in Pfinztal for research and educational purposes.


The e-Newsletter can be terminated to the 31st of December each year. A refund for the year of termination is only possible in case that no services have been delivered after the donation. All other refunds are excluded.

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