Technology Transfer

Research join into industrial applications.

Innovation means: successful transfer from research into the industry. Innovative safety concepts and safety devices have to be adapted to processes and applied in the companies. CSE-Engineering supports: (1) development (2) technology transfer (3) business application

Use the unique possibilities at the CSE Centre of Safety Excellence.

Services of technology transfer
  • Development of industrial safety and security concepts
  • Optimisation and design of valves (experiment and modelling)
  • Industry 4.0: adaption of innovative safety devices for processes
  • Experimental validation of calculation results
  • Development of models
  • CFD simulation for consequnce analysis
  • Technology centres in cooperation with the industry

CSE-Engineering works in cooperation with the CSE Center of Safety Excellence gGmbH (CSE Institute). In most cases research results can’t easily be applied, they have to be adapted to real processes and plants. Therefore, a deep process understanding is necessary. The transfer from research into practice is made by CSE-Engineering.

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