CSE-Engineering Center of Safety Excellence GmbH

In Autumn 2017, the first courses for the trainee program to become a “Professional Safety Engineer” will start. Beginning with the basics course, the first modules will be held by the team of CSE-Engineering. On the page “Professional Safety Engineer” more information can be found. Dates for the first courses will be announced soon.

Training as CSE Professional Safety Engineer differs from other trainings from practical orientation. During the two presence days at an office of CSE-Engineering or a partner of CSE-Engineering, the practical application of the subject is the main point. As an example, a real sizing calculation is made in small groups. Every step gets explained by an expert of CSE-Engineering and is done by the participant himself.

Additionally, after the two presence days a homework must be done. In this homework, the contents of the two days at CSE-Engineering are needed to solve the task. After the successful completion of 9 different modules (some obligatory and some elective modules) a certificate, the “CSE Professional Safety Engineer” can be achieved.

Participants of the trainee program for the CSE-Professional Saftey Engineer learn about the state-of-the-art methods for sizing pressure relief devices, HAZOPs and the most important topics in process and plant safety. Every topic is taught with a view to the practical application.