Safety concepts and solutions for processes and plants.

Plants have to be operated safely! This is the obligation of the plant operator. He always has to maintain the state of technology – which is constantly changing. CSE-Engineering advises you on all topics concerning the safety of your processes and plants. It is our task to analyse and evaluate risks in order to take the right safety-related measures in the required quality. We offer a broad spectrum of services in the field of safety. Whether your company is part of the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical or oil and gas industry, CSE-Engineering has a solution for you.

Services in the field of Safety
  • Safety concepts
  • Safety-related consulting
  • Emergency relief of reactors and plant sections
  • Sizing of safety valves and rupture discs
  • Sizing of breathing valves
  • Calculation of separators and quenches
  • Safe removal of hazardous substances/media
  • Assessment of protection systems
  • PLC-safety devices
  • Integrity-classification

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