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Chemical, physical and biological processes often either lead to heat generation or they absorb heat, for example in melting processes. Such processes often start very slowly at low temperatures and accelerate increasingly. It can take days, or sometimes even weeks, for a slowly starting reaction to turn into a dangerous runaway. TAMOnly with extremely accurate measuring instruments is it possible to reliably determine such starting reactions in so-called ” warm-storage experiments”. One of these is the TAM – Thermal Activity Monitoring a versatile technique for investigating the thermal activity of processes. Storage takes place at different temperatures and over long periods of time in order to reliably exclude the possibility of undesired reactions occurring over longer periods of time. Through direct and continuous measurement of the process under investigation, Thermal Activity Monitoring provides precise real-time data over the entire course of the process – in contrast to other analytical techniques that only provide “snapshots” of data.

Measurement principle:

The sample is kept at a constant temperature over a long period of time with a reference sample in an oil bath and all incoming and outgoing heat flows are measured very precisely, i.e. the measuring principle is isothermal.

Measured quantities

  Onset of chemical reactions, storage temperature
  Temperature curve during reaction

Standard parameters:

  Temperature range from 15 °C to 150 °C
  Measurement in an oil bath
  Sample container made of stainless steel or glass


  Measurement under inert gas
  Reaction kinetics, Arrhenius parameters, reaction order
  Measurements of solutions


Images courtesy of TA Instruments, Eschborn, Germany

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