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The evaluation of the heat release (exothermia) of chemical runaway reactions has the highest priority for the safety and reliability of laboratory / pilot or chemical and petrochemical plants. If a chemical reaction develops into a runaway reaction is determined by safety parameters. The exact determination of the reaction behaviour by reaction calorimetric measurements provides a reliable data basis. Such measurements are absolutely necessary for every product manufactured with an exothermic chemical reaction. The methods and technologies of reaction calorimetry differ, however, both in their suitability for the substances to be investigated and in their measurement accuracy and the resulting costs. What has to be considered in the selection, implementation and evaluation? Which measurements are absolutely necessary for validation?

CSE-Engineering is your partner for all questions concerning reaction calorimetric measurements. For this purpose, the process instructions from the production department have to be discussed at first to identify potential scenarios for runaway reactions reactions and then to “translate” these scenarios into a suitable test procedure. This requires experience. From taking the samples to preparing the samples, evaluating the measurements and assessing the measurement results from a safety point of view, we provide you with advice. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer ICT in Pfinztal, measurements can be performed on ARC, DSC, DTA and TAM. This is also possible under conditions without the influence of oxygen. On the basis of the measurement results, we are of course able to design your safety devices. Regardless whether the safeguarding is to use classic safety valves or bursting discs or also process logic controlled systems.

Your Advantages:

  Consulting on methodology and procedures
  Determination of the appropriate test procedure
  Safety-related assessment of the results
  Complete service up to the sizing

More information:

  DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimetry

  ARC – Accelerating Rate Calorimetry

  TGA – Thermogravimetrische Analyse

  TAM – Thermal Activity Monitoring


Natalie Schmidt, M.Sc. | Process Safety Engineer

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Images courtesy of TA Instruments, Eschborn, Germany

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