Objectives of EURISG

Testing – evaluating – determining the application boundaries

Large companies usually are globally active. Safety-related service providers, internal specialist departments or extern specialists are expected to size safety devices for tanks, columns, heat exchancers, reactors etc. on a world class level. For simple cases there usually exist standards. Furthermore, there is a variety of publications with methods and models whose results frequently diverge widely.

Which is the right model on a case-by-case basis?

Which method has to be applied to receive a conservative result? This question is raised daily in many companies. In most cases it can only be answered on the assumption of many boundary conditions. They include substance data, geometric dimensions of devices or an expectation of a physical process during an event.

In the past, efforts have been made to evaluate the models and methods, including exchange of expertise at symposia and round robin calculations. These attempts are very valuable but not long-lasting in respect of a quality management in the field of safety technology. In addition, they are not useful for the trainees in a company.

The aim of the European Industrial Sizing Group is to test and evaluate models and methods to conduct sample calculations. The application boundaries of the models and methods are described. The results are documented following standard terms.

For the validation of the models and methods, experimental data has to be used and sensitivity analyses have to be conducted.

The European Industrial Sizing Group is based on publicly available literature in the field of pressure relief and the expertise of the specialists of CSE-Engineering. It is not intended to generate new models or measurement data.

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