Objectives of EURIM

Making critical infrastructure safer together.

The EURIM-Safety Group strenghtens the technical safety in the field of critical infrastructure and the maintenance of competence.

  • Identification and documentation of RAGAGEP’s
    „Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice”
    for the approach and the selection of safety-related measures for technical plants of the oil and gas industry as well as the power supply.
  • Supply of sample solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure like compressor stations, ongoing projects and new constrution projects. Different approaches, safety-related measures, inspections, maintenance etc. are discussed. The results are
    summarised in EURIM-Technical Reports.
  • Comparison of national and european approaches and standards on the basis of practical exams.
  • New insights from the field of technical safety in the oil and gas transport are demonstrated.
  • The safety-related education and further education is supported.
  • Test of software packages for the valuation of possible effects of incidents.
  • Safety-related examination and evaluation of methods and measures for the protection of technical plants (sopes of application, accuracy, availability, efficiency, comparison with other approaches) on the basis of latest insights.

These objectives are discussed in the EURIM-Safety Group and adapted to the requirements of the participants. The EURIM-Technical Reports are confidential and for the internal use of the cooperation partners. The results serve the quality management and the education of junior employees as well as the harmonisation of construction projects in Europe.

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