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Besides EURISG (European Industrial Sizing Group) a new industry group will be founded at CSE-Engineering. Beginning in July 2017 the EURIM-Group (European Group for Risk Management and Technical Safety for Critical Infrastructures) will start their activities.

Topics of the group are:

  • Risk-communication: communication of companies concerning process and plant safety in case of incidents and during normal operation.
  • Risk-based integrity planning: automated planning of routes for oil and gas pipelines and planning of pipeline integrity management systems for maintenance of oil and gas pipelines.
  • Noise emissions during pressure relief

The EURIM group wants to sharpen the safety mindset of operators holding oil and gas pipelines and other critical infrastructure. Possible participants are the owners of oil and gas pipelines, owners of other critical infrastructures and authorities who make an effort to safer critical infrastructure.

During the meetings of the EURIM group the exchange of experiences is paramount. The settlement of standards is not subject of the EURIM group.