CSE-Engineering Center of Safety Excellence GmbH

The German Association of Gas and Water e.V. (DVGW) and the CSE Center of Safety Excellence intend to intensify the cooperation in the field of technical safety. Promotion of young academics and an update of the state of knowledge based on current national and international research and development results on a regular basis are major objectives of the cooperation. Both partners hope to gain in addition to strengthening research in particular a strong impetus for the development of an expert system for the gas industry. Other areas of cooperation of the strategic partnership is the training in the field of technical plant safety. CSE-Engineering intent to play a major role in technical safety of the critical infrastructure gas in future.

Information about DVGW:
The German Association of Gas and Water e.V. ( DVGW ) – Technical and Scientific Association – promotes the gas and water industry with a focus on safety , hygiene and environmental protection. With more than 13,600 members of the DVGW elaborates generally recognized technical regulations for gas and water. The association initiates and promotes research and training for the whole range of issues of gas and water. In addition, he maintains a testing and certification of products, people and companies. The technical rules of the DVGW form the foundation for the technical autonomy and ownership of gas and water in Germany. They are the guarantee for a safe gas and water supply at the highest international standard. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1859 in Frankfurt am Main. The DVGW is economically independent and politically neutral.