CSE Professional Safety Engineer

Certified Safety Expert through practical education at the CSE Center of Safety Excellence.

Technical plants and processes have to become safer continually. This is only possible with the right competences and a “safety mindset”. CSE-Engineering offers a unique and comprehensive training program for the education of CSE Professional Safety Engineers. They become specialists in all fields of process and plant safety.

The most comprehensive and practical education for safety experts.

The graduation is certified with the Certificate of “CSE Professional Safety Engineer”. The certificate is awarded by the CSE-Institute (CSE Center of Safety Excellence gGmbH).

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As a CSE Professional Safety Engineer, you benefit from a discount of 25% on 12 required seminars. You can also attend 3 additional seminars free of charge.

What expects you:

A CSE Professional Safety Engineer is trained thematically in 12 Premium Seminars (10 mandatory and 2 compulsory seminars). Optionally he can choose further seminars depending on it’s interest. The seminars have to be completed during a period of three years. Through many practical industry examples the CSE Professional Safety Engineer deepens it’s knowhow as a safety expert. The CSE Professional Safety Engineer uses methods and standards safely and knows the application boundaries of models.


Every Premium seminar starts with an overview (BASIC-Level: Knowledge and Understanding). Subsequently the knowledge is deepend through industry examples (ADVANCED-Level). Both parts of the Premium seminar take place at the CSE Center of Safety Excellence in Pfinztal. Qualified introductions, keynote speeches and team work in small groups as well as intensive trainings with numerical value examples mark the BASIC- and ADVANCED-level.

Afterwards the CSE Professional Safety Engineer solves one or two industry tasks independently (training on the job) and discusses the solutions in a web conference with experts from the CSE (EXPERT-Level). Additionally factory tours and the discussion of the solutions at renowned manufacturers of safety devices are offered as part of the individual seminars.

All seminars for the Certificate are offered as „Applied Safety Premium-Seminars“. The seminars are prepared by qualified employees of CSe-Engineering. Keynote speeches are given by renowned representatives from the industry which know and present the topic through many years of experience. All participants receive a licence for a calculation program. With this program calculation examples of the individual seminars can be processed practice-oriented.

The Certification:

The title of CSE Professional Safety Engineers is rewarded after the successful completion of the mandatory and compulsory seminars as well as an oral final exam (30 minutes) by the CSE-Institute. The qualification is promulgated (name, surname, company, date of the certificate).

A good education is the prerequisite for safe and sustainable plants.


The CSE Professional Safety Engineer trains it’s knowledge regularly. He visits an Applied Safety Seminar at least once a year. The certification guarantees the discount of 40 % compared to the normal fees of the seminars.


The application for the certification is done informally.

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Competences of the CSE Professional Safety Engineer
    You can …

  • Identify risks and evaluate impacts
  • Develop worst case szenarios for the sizing of safety devices
  • Size safety valves and rupture discs
  • Dimension complex vent line systems
  • Evaluate hazardous substances and exothermic chemical reactions
  • Use substance data models safely
  • Assess retention systems like quenchs or separators
  • Ddetermine source-terms and carry out dispersion calculation
  • Evaluate toxicological risks, explosions and pressure waves
  • Determine the safety integrity for PLT-safety devices
  • Evaluate the protection of storage tanks
  • You have …

  • A strong safety mindset
  • A distinct estimation for methods and models
  • Developed a passion for safety technology

Start your education to become a safety expert now! Our trainers have more than 40 years of industrial experience in the field of process and plant safety and a didactical eduation.

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