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SPIEGEL ONLINE, 06.04.2018. An unprecedented attack on a power plant in the Persian Gulf should also give the Germans food for thought. Many industrial companies in this country rely on the same protection system.

It was an attack in a new dimension: At the end of 2017, hackers attacked a power plant in Saudi-Arabia. The target of the attack was probably to destroy the plant. The hackers accepted deaths and injuries. The extraordinarily challenging attack only attracted attention because the malware accidentally released the safety shutdown of the power plant.

This attack should not only startle the state at the Persian Gulf but also raise the alarm in Germany: The attack ran via a security system that is also used in hundreds of German industrial plants.

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Pipeline Journal, 11.04.2018. Cyber criminals have breached Energy Transfer’s Panhandle Eastern pipeline system in the United States, causing to shut down until further notice.

The Panhandle natural gas pipeline network, a comprehensive array of transportation and storage facilities, includes four large-diameter pipelines stretching from the Anadarko basin of Texas and Oklahoma into several other midwestern states. The Trunkline system, which extends from the Gulf Coast into the Southeast and Midwest, and the Sea Robin system in the Gulf of Mexico are also part of the Panhandle network.

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