Rupture Disks Test Series

Extensive tests on rupture disks from a well-known manufacturer are currently being carried out at the CSE High Pressure Loop. Within 14 days the Kr-values are determined in approx. 120 individual tests to optimise a model series. Not only the rupture disks themselves but also the holders are taken into account.

“The pressure loss through rupture disks and holders is an important parameter for every manufacturer,” explains Alexander Böhme, project manager from CSE-Engineering. “The test setup on the CSE High Pressure Loop makes it possible to deliver high-precision measurement data with high efficiency. We are glad that we are able to offer this service to our customers and partners”.

The demand for type testing at the CSE High Pressure Loop has increased rapidly in recent months. In addition to safety valves and rupture disks, almost all safety devices can be tested at different pressure levels. Among other parameters, volume and mass flow, flow resistances or device characteristics such as lift pressure and lift force curves are measured.

Further information about the High Pressure Loop can be found here.



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