High Pressure Loop

A test facility unique in Europe with pressures up to 3400 bar in cooperation of the CSE Institute and the Fraunhofer ICT. Two high-pressure vessels with a permissible pressure of 730 bar and a volume of 3 m3 each are available (length 11 m / outside diameter approx. 1.2 m / weight approx. 20 tons). Furthermore, the facility has three high-pressure vessels with a permissible pressure of 3400 bar and a volume of approx. 200 l each (length 5 m / outside diameter approx. 1.0 m / weight approx. 20 tons). The high-pressure vessels are coupled with each other. Tests in the low-pressure range can be carried out with two large-volume pressure vessels (62 m3 | 156 bar).


Fittings and piping installations are tested and measuring instruments calibrated at the High Pressure Loop. High-precision measurement technology with a recording rate in the megahertz range is available for this purpose. Mass flows from 0 to 440,000 kg/h can be achieved for measurements.

Standard measurements:

  • Capacities (volume flow, mass flow)
  • Flow resistances (pressure drop)
  • Characteristics (pressure opening etc.)
  • Type testing
  • Other flow investigations

Fitting tests, for example:

  • Safety valves,
  • Rupture Discs,
  • Control valves,
  • Orifices,
  • Nozzles, and
  • other fittings.

Measurements are performed at constant pressure or at constant mass flow rates. The High Pressure Loop has an automatic control system in the high-pressure zone.

Messstrecke am CSE High Pressure Loop

The CSE-Engineering team will be happy to advise you on measurement ranges and optimal test planning. Talk to us.

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