Type Testing

Tpye testing and certification at pressures up to 3400 bar – starting 2018.

Characteristic numbers like the discharge coefficient (Kd) and the flow-rate coefficient of safety-related valves (KVS) have to be determined. This applies to safety valves, rupture discs, control valves, orifices and other devices. CSE-Engineering issues certificates for component tests in accordance with ISO 4126, ASME, VdTÜV data sheet safety valve 100 and others. The options for large valves (DN 200) or high pressures up to 3400 bar are unique.

Tests with air | nitrogen and water will be provided currently.

Flow optimisation of components (experimental and model-based) and further development for special applications in the industry are typical tasks of the CSE-Engineering – see also technology transfer.

Type Testing and Certification
  • Rupture discs in accordance with ISO 4126-2 and ASME Code Section VIII Division 1
  • Safety valves in accordance with ISO 4126-1 und ASME PTC25
  • Component tests in accordance with VdTÜV data sheet 100
  • Control valves in accordance with to ISO 60534
  • Other safety-related components

Determination of characteristic numbers
  • Discharge coefficients for safety valves (Kd-value)
  • Pressure loss coefficient for rupture discs (KR-value)
  • Discharge coefficient for control valves (KV-value)
  • Drag coefficient for valves
  • Functional measurements for safety valves
  • Performance measurements of safety devices

Flow Investigations
  • Pressure drop
  • Mass flow
  • Visualisation of flows
  • High-pressure investigation
  • Multi-phase mixtures

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal, CSE-Engineering carries out experiments for the function and performance as well as the certification of components. In the final stage, experiments at pressures between 100 mbar and up to 3400 bar are possible. The experimental setup is currently under construction and will be put into operation in a first stage during 2017.

CSE-Engineering has applied for the accreditation as a certifed body at the ASME. Component tests according to ISO 4126 or AD 2000 are also conducted.

State of technology – Standards:

In the field of Type Testing and Certification, the following standards have to be considered. In every single case, the application limits of the standards and the assumptions behind the methods have to be examined:

  • ISO 4126 part 1 to 10: safety devices against inadmissible overpressure
  • VdTÜV 100: type testing of safety valves
  • ASME PTC25: pressure relief devices
  • ASME Code Section VIII Division 1
  • AD 2000 data sheet A1 and A2

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